Friday, September 16, 2011

Gerard Butler is New Weight Loss Hero

Gerard Butler, one of the most bankable stars in the UK and Hollywood film industries today, has emerged as another celeb face who has endorsed weight loss – not only as a part and parcel of the newer roles he might portray in film, but also as a healthier choice of lifestyle one leads.

The star, who was most noted for his celebrated portrayal of King Leonidas in ‘300’ and has an upcoming film due for release ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, has become a new role model for all of those weight loss enthusiasts who had been pining for more celebs to take up the mantle of fat loss and appetite suppressants.

In fact, appetite suppressants like hoodia gordonii as well as hoodia supplements and tablets have often been endorsed by famous people, but have been left out of public notes because of the seemingly inglorious burden it carries on symbolic weight loss. This trend seems to be shifting and is on its way out, as celebrities are openly endorsing weight loss and have come up in support of lighter weight management strategies apart from the regular routines of exercising and dieting. 

The most emphatic victory for weight management has been stars like Kirstie alley, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Drew Carey, Jonah Hill and many others who have voluntarily taken up fat loss and have inspired millions of fans worldwide.

If you wanted to emulate the handsome star or the buxom Ms. Hudson, all you would need is a good diet and the right weight management supplements!

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